Humanoid is an event promoter, label, music, and art collective based in Berlin. Despite being just four years old, the collective has already made a name for itself as a recognized brand for drum and bass in the city.

Composed of experienced industry professionals, including festival and event organizers, label managers and artists, Humanoid has built a strong following of regulars on the drum and bass scene and beyond. The collective has hosted parties at venues across Berlin, including Humboldthain Club, Fiese Remise, and Suicide Circus,  Brache 09 and has made appearances on the Hör Podcast and Goat Shed Berlin. In addition to hosting events in the city, Humanoid has also been booked for guest appearances outside of Berlin. 

As a label, Humanoid aims to bring back the raw, techy and industrial sound to drum and bass, working with established names in the scene as well as up-and-coming artists and residents.

Humanoid is proud to place a strong emphasis on visual art and sculpture. The collective believes that the atmosphere and aesthetic of a party are just as important as the music and strives to create an immersive and unique experience for its regulars.

With a strong reputation for bringing something unique to the drum and bass scene, Humanoid is a force to be reckoned with in Berlin’s electronic music community. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and releases via the social links below.

If you like what we do and you want to support us with a donation, we’re grateful for any financial contribution to fund what we do. Here’s the link: paypal.me/HumanoidBerlin

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